Energica Sells Every Electric Motorcycle It Can Build (w/Video)

Energica has been called the “Tesla of motorcycles.” Unlike Harley Davidson, which claims the world is not yet ready for an electric motorcycle, Italian start-up Energica is proving there is a market for high end electric bikes — if they have the performance to match. According to a press release from the company, it has completely sold out its entire stock and is racing to catch up with demand.

Energica electric motorcycle

The company currently has dealers in Switzerland, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, England, Spain, and Portugal. It recently opened a splashy new showroom near the Mission District in San Francisco and is negotiating for space in the heart of Paris.

Energica offers its electric motorcycle in two styles, both priced from $34,995. The Ego is a full dress sport bike for the street while its latest offering — the Eva — is more of a “naked” sports bike with its frame and internals exposed to view. If it went off road once in a while, it wouldn;t mind. Both offer blistering performance. The Energica philosophy is to offer riders an electric motorcycle that demands no compromises. Each has a claimed 90 mile range, which is competitive with how far a typical gasoline powered bike can go without refueling.

Our own Susanna Schick, who spends most of her time racing a Kawasaki R1, drove an Energica Ego last year and pronounced it “a proper electric superbike.” High praise indeed from a professional rider. Both bikes allow the rider to select from 4 levels of regenerative braking to suit his or her riding style. Susanna says the highest setting almost perfectly matches the compression braking characteristics of her race bike.

Harley Davidson says if it built an electric motorcycle, it would retail for around $50,000. But that was 2 years ago. The price of batteries and other components has fallen since then. The real question is whether an electric Harley would appeal to the V Twin crowd. Based upon the poor sales of the quite excellent V Rod, it seems unlike an electric Harley is on many people’s Christmas wish list.

If you want to see how a stock 136 horsepower Energica performs against a full race Kawasaki ZX-10R race bike with 220 horsepower and a Lamborghini Gallardo with 560 horsepower — both of which cost far more than the Energica — watch this video and be prepared to be amazed.

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