Tesla 100 kWh Battery Approved For Sale In Europe

Back in the spring, white hat hacker Jason Hughes told the world that he had found something interesting hidden in the latest update to his Model S — a logo for a P100D.  At the time, Elon Musk rewarded Hughes with this tweet, “Good hacking is a gift.”

Tesla 100 kWh battery

Now European website Kenteken.tv has combed through the database of Dutch RDW and discovered that Tesla Motors has been approved to market cars in Europe with 100 kWh batteries. The European certification process is required before any vehicles can be sold in a European country. The certification is for a Model S 100 and a Model X 100. Both cars are rated at 380 miles of range, using the notoriously generous European testing standard.

That range number is completely credible. The current Model S 90D carries an EPA rating in excess of 300 miles. With the larger battery, that number in the US could be 325 miles or more. The odds are it won’t be long before a performance version of the new model comes available, which should be known as the P100D. The blogosphere has already nicknamed it the plood — a variation of the model designation. All Teslas except for entry-level models have dual motors.

Tesla has pioneered a new wrinkle for its electric cars — the software-limited battery. The company introduced a new entry-level model — the Model S 60 — with a price $4,000 less than the old Model S 60. The trick is the car actually comes with a 75 kWh battery, but it is restricted to 60 kWh by the car’s software. The owner — or a subsequent owner — can upgrade to the full 75 kWh for an extra fee.

That raises the possibility that Tesla could use a similar strategy on other models. Perhaps the company will manufacture only two batteries — a 75 kWh and a 100 kWh — but offer both in software-limited versions in order to offer more options and price points to buyers.

The other thing we can expect is an ultra-high-performance version based on the larger battery. Previously, Tesla has offered an Insane Mode upgrade and a Ludicrous Mode for those willing to part with an extra $10,000 in order to accelerate to 60 a few tenths of a second faster. Perhaps the new car will get a Ridiculous Mode option, or better yet, the ultimate performance upgrade — Maximum Plaid.

Things just keep getting better and better for Tesla Motors.

Source and Photo Credit: Teslarati

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