STORM Pulse Electric Motorcycle Europe To China Tour

A group of students from Netherlands’ Eindhoven University of Technology have built an electric motorcycle they call the STORM Pulse. Later this month a pair of them will drive from Europe to China to bring the message of electric mobility to nations along the way. Yuri Steinbuch, the strategy manager of the group, said they chose a motorcycle because they wanted to demonstrate the possibilities of e-mobility to “real petrol heads.”

STORM Pulse electric motorcycle

“Compared to other mobility industries, the motorcycle industry has always been very conservative, favoring tradition over innovation. With STORM Pulse, we want to show what’s possible with e-mobility and help it gain widespread acceptance. Overcoming these barriers is essential if we are to create greener, more sustainable means of transport,” Steinbuch said.

The electric motorcycle tour will begin in Germany later this month and proceed across Asia, ending up in Shanghai on September 24. About two dozen Eindhoven students will accompany the motorcycles as they make their way around the world.

The second generation STORM Pulse motorcycles feature an innovative modular battery design which enables them to be charged from any electrical source whether a private home or public location.That flexibility will make it possible to recharge the machines everywhere they go, despite electrical standards that vary widely from country to country and sometime even within a country.

Each day during the journey, the motorcycle will drive between 8 am and 7 pm for approximately 500 kilometers. The students will sleep in tents or with local hotel sponsors along the way.

“STORM embodies realities of today. Electric vehicles can drive long distances, can be cool and can be available to anyone. As we can see in China, electric mobility is growing day by day, and STORM shows us that this development is not unique to China,” Steinbuch says.

Ma Jiajun, leader of Tongji University’s electric motorcycle team, said during a press conference announcing the around the world tour that he immediately agreed to be the Dutch team’s Shanghai partner after just a 30-minute discussion. “It is really amazing to see what these students can do. They dreamed about promoting greener energy and then they set out to do that. They have this seemingly crazy idea that our Chinese peers would hardly think of, and moreover, they put it into practice,” Ma said.

He added that most of the students on the team come from management or business backgrounds and found it impressive that they could make the STORM Pulse within only a year. “The vehicle is just one part of this campaign. Every place the motorcade passes, people who care about new energy and a cleaner future will come together. This is why it is so meaningful,” Ma said.

Source and photo credit: Global Times China

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