NextEV Wants To Pioneer Automobile 3.0

NextEV, like Faraday Future, is a Chinese owned start-up company intent on bringing advanced electric cars to market. Also, like Faraday Future, it is long on promises and short on hard information about how it intends to achieve its goals, at least for now.


In a recent interview with IBTimes UK, Martin Leach, co-president of NextEV former race car driver motor racing veteran, said his company is set to reveal an electric supercar later in 2016.

“As a new car company we have to establish our credibility and these are the two platforms [a supercar and a Formula E team] that we have chosen to do that with,” Leach said. “Our strategy is quite different to Faraday Future because as you get to understand NextEV, better you will begin to realise we are very much a value driven organisation…we’re not really a car company.” NextEV is the title sponsor of the TCR Formula E team, which won the championship in the sport’s inaugural.

Leach says NextEV plans to “do things that help people’s automotive lifestyles.” A peek behind the curtain into what those plans might be is expected later this year when the company unveils its all electric supercar. He says it will be a fully working vehicle when it launches later in 2016.

“When we launch the car it will not be a concept. It’s a car, it will be engineered and validated and you will see it driving at some point shortly after the introduction; certain lucky people will be able to drive it. The car will be “a car which will be able to hold its own against the best of today’s competition. We want it to show what we can do. For sure, it will have a few surprises, it will not just be another cookie-cutter supercar.”

Asked what he think about Tesla and Elon Musk, Leach said they have done a “brilliant job” and should be congratulated for creating products people want. Then he added, “I do think, though, that if normal car companies were the internet at 1.0, then Tesla is probably 2.0 and does some really good things like over-the-air software updates, but what we’re trying to be is 3.0.” Leach suggests his company will be nothing less than a complete reboot for the car industry.

The business model for NextEV is something we are hearing more about from car companies these days. “We do want people to own their cars, but we want to make it fun again. We want to take out the pain points that people complain to us about, about the ownership experience today. Not just electric vehicles, but generally.”

Leach also shared some thoughts on autonomous driving technology. “It can solve a lot of problems that we have today with society…[but] we want to support our people with a drivable lifestyle. A lot of people still want to drive their cars. It’s not all of one thing at the expense of the other; people still want to drive cars and have fun with that.”

Maybe by the end of the year we will know more about whether NextEV is just more vaporware or a real car company. All we know right now is that it could be either.

Source: IB Times

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