Borgward BX7 Plug-In Hybrid SUV Wins Plus X Awards

The Borgward BX7 plug-in hybrid SUV has won several prestigious awards recently. Borgward is a German auto manufacturer that is practically unknown in the US. It once had a reputation for building rather durable small cars that were reliable if not very stylish. But no Borgwards have been sold on these shores in nearly 50 years.
Borgward BX7 plug-in hybrid

Today, the name has been revived and an all new Borgward is ready to build automobiles again. Its first offering is a crossover SUV — an excellent choice since that is the hottest segment in the automobile market at the moment. Now that vehicle, known as the BX7, has garnered Plus X awards for design, high quality, ergonomics, and functionality.  It was also granted a seal of quality as SUV of the Year 2016/2017.

According to the Plus X website, “With an international and independent panel of judges from 26 industries, 23 strategic partners and more than 600 participating international brands, the Plus X Award is the world’s largest innovation award for technology, sports and lifestyle. Plus X Award Seals of Approval are conferred upon products judged to possess at least one “Plus X” factor.

“Awards are given for new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems. Criteria such as outstanding ergonomic and ecological features, along with the use of high quality material add up to sustainable products with long lasting value and are also honored by the Plus X Award.”

The German firm Borgward has been awarded Plus X Awards in the categories of Design, High Quality, Ergonomics, and Functionality for the BX7 plug-in hybrid series SUV.The BX7 is a plug-in hybrid, precisely the kind of vehicle crossover shoppers have been clamoring for.

“The Borgward BX7 has demonstrated once again that we’re on the right track with our product strategy,” Tom Anliker, vice president for marketing, sales & service, said at the awards ceremony. “The Plus X Award is a very prestigious one for us because it honors both the outstanding design quality and the top-class functional performance displayed by our premiere model.”

The Plus X Award citation says, “the outstandingly spacious and sporty TS interior combines classical elements with innovative state-of-the-art components to create a harmonious atmosphere. Here, high-quality, velvety-soft premium nappa leather with the classical Borgward contrast stitching in hand-made quality is perfectly supplemented by innovative components such as a 12.3-inch central media touchscreen display.

“The sport program also includes a flat bottom sports steering wheel and sports pedals. The interior also features the same brushed aluminum that serves as the distinguishing material for the exterior trim in the TS equipment line. This brushed aluminum refines the dashboard, the handles on the center console, and the air conditioning vents, as well as other components. Other refining elements with a velvety sheen include the aforementioned sports steering wheel and pedals, as well as the gearshift and rocker panels with illuminated TS lettering.”

The BX7 went on sale last month in China. It will be released in India and other regional markets later in 2016. The European launch is scheduled for 2017. There is no word about whether the company expects to offer the car in the North American market.

 Source: CleanTechnica  Image credit: Borgward

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