Jaguar J-Pace Diesel Electric Hybrid Caught Testing

Jaguar is known to be working on a battery electric SUV. But it may also have a diesel electric hybrid verson of that car under development. The hybrid, which may be called the J-Pace, has been spotted testing by Autocar. Based on the F-Pace SUV, the test mule appears to be longer than the existing model. A 2.0 liter diesel engine coupled to an electric motor or two is rumored to reside under the camouflaged exterior.


Until the Voiksagen’s diesel emissions cheating scandal exploded last September, diesel engines were hugely popular in the UK and in Europe, thanks to two generations of government policies favoring the more fuel efficient engines. Apparently, the demand for diesels still remains among customers on the Continent. 

Jaguar is reportedly anxious to create a sub-brand for its green vehicles, all of which will have vastly different styling than its traditional models in much the same way that BMW’s offerings from its “i” division are distinctive from other cars from the Bavarian auto maker.  Within that planned family, the diesel-electric hybrid and all electric SUVs may be separate models, each with its own styling.

Autocar suggests the  hybrid J-Pace could be a larger model that will slot above the all-electric SUV. Having a hybid powertrain would eliminate any range concerns  in a larger vehicle. Eventually, there may be as many as four models in Jaguar’s green car offirings. All will probably use the same aluminum-intensive platform as the current F-Pace and XE sedan.

The all electric SUV is expected to go on sale as early as 2017 with the diesel electric hybrid following along about a year later. Jaguar has reportedly trademarked the names E-Pace and I-Pace but no J-Pace. The use of the word “pace” refers back to previous advertising campaigns based on the slogan, “Grace, Pace, And Space.”

Source: Green Car Reports   Photo credit: Jaguar Land Rover

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