Ford F 150 Story Is Inaccurate. Updated

A story published on June 16 about the Ford F 150 and sourced from Bloomberg is wrong. It has been removed from our website. I spoke personally with Mike Levine at Ford this afternoon. He informs me that the story has been deleted from the Automotive News website. Ford is working with Bloomberg to get an accurate version of the story published.

This is the official statement from Ford:

Bloomberg’s F-150 story is wrong.  Ford exceeds fuel economy standards, and F-150 is a strong, positive contributor to Ford’s fuel economy compliance.  F-150 also has best-in-class gasoline fuel economy. Customers are recognizing F-150’s best-in-class capability and fuel efficiency with strong and growing sales, while major competitors are losing market share.

Gas2 regrets our error.


Steve Hanley

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