VanMoof Making SmartBike For Those Who Like to Pedal

Dutch manufacturer  VanMoof makes innovative bikes with electric motors that help out on long trips or when biking uphill. Now it is working on a bike that has all the latest digital and technological goodies without the motor.

VanMoof SmartBike

For those who like to pedal on their own, it offers automatic LED lighting, disc brakes front and rear, and a built-in GPS system that not only helps you find where you are going, it makes it possible to recover you bike if its stolen. Think of it like LoJack for the two wheel crowd.

The SmartBike comes with an anti-theft guarantee. If your bike gets stolen and is not recovered within two week, VanMoof will replace it free. There’s a lot of other free stuff that comes with the SmartBike. Like all VanMoof products, customers get free shipping worldwide. Each bike also comes with the company’s “Love it or return it for free” promise.

What else makes the VanMoof SmartBike special? It has disc brakes front and rear and a weatherproof design. The gear change mechanism fits inside the rear hub. Rides can select from either three speeds or eight. There is no derailleur to give you fits far from home and the drive system is fully enclosed to protect your clothing for grease and stains.

The SmartBike also uses anti-theft fasteners on its components as well as a built-in keyless locking system with integrated locking chain. Both allow you to secure your bike with a smartphone app.

“We at VanMoof believe riders have shouldered the burden of bike theft for long enough. It’s great that there are thousands of engineers around the world working day and night to improve racing bikes and mountain bikes, but we found there’s been little focus on improving city bikes. That’s why we’re committed to solving major problems like bike theft – and to encouraging more urban commuters to swap four wheels for two,” says Taco Carlier, cofounder of VanMoof

VanMoof is taking pre-orders for the SmartBike now at discounted prices — $1,098 for the 3 speed and $1,298 for the 8 speed. The 3 speed model will retail for $1,798 once it goes on sale in December. This is a very cool, thoroughly up to date bicycle that is perfect for the commuter who doesn’t want assistance from an electric motor.

Source: Tree Hugger

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