Volkswagen BUDD-e Wins Interior Design Award

A panel of 17 international motoring and design journalists presented the Interior Design of the Year Award for a concept vehicle to the Volkswagen BUDD-e.  The award was presented at the Automotive Interiors Expo 2016 show in Stuttgart, Germany recently. The show highlights the latest designs and products. VW’s concept car was first introduced in Las Vegas at the CES show in January of this year.

Volkswagen BUDD-e concept

“The CES 2016 show car offers a fascinating insight into what Volkswagen may achieve in future. On this basis, we should all be excited about next generation of Volkswagen interior technologies and developments,” said Graham Johnson, managing director of the exhibition. The panel was asked to consider designs in a total of six categories.

The interior of the BUDD-e concept features an innovative all digital dashboard display. Controlled mostly by hand gestures, it is meant to give the driver intuitive control over all the car’s operating and infotainment systems while creating a light and airy environment for passengers.

The interior allows the front seat passenger to face rearward to engage with those in the rear. Behind the driver is a lounge like sofa and two conventional seats. The rear features a 34 inch touchscreen monitor visible to all passengers. The doors are controlled by hand gestures.

The BUDD-e is a critical car for Volkswagen. It has made a command decision at the highest levels to move on from diesel powered cars and become a world leader in electric and autonomous driving vehicles. It is considering building an $11 billion battery factory in Germany to supply all the batteries it thinks it will need in the future for its cars and those of its automotive cousins, Porsche and Audi. The interior design seen in the BUDD-e will likely resemble what Porsche has planned for its upcoming all electric four door sports car, the Mission-E.

The BUDD-e is built on Volkswagen’s new modular platform for electric cars designated MEB. It intends to build multiple models on that chassis, including cars for the other companies owned by Volkswagen like Audi and SEAT.

As cool as the interior of the BUDD-e may be, the big question is whether it will be able to match the cachet of the Tesla Model 3 that is expected to go into production in 2017. The cars built on the MEB chassis are not expected to hit the market until one of more years later. Volkswagen is hoping against hope its interior design won’t be eclipsed by Tesla before it even goes into production.

Source: Electric Cars Report  Image credit: Volkswagen

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