Nate Cook’s 90’s Solo Cup Prius

Nate Cook 90's Solo Cup Prius is ON FIRE!!

I don’t know Nate Cook, but between his thick Nixon wristwatch, hot pink bunny suit, and apparent enthusiasm for racing scooters, I’m kind of surprised we haven’t met already (the go-fast scooter scene is a small world, after all). It’s almost better that I don’t know Nate, though- because that made finding this 90’s Solo Cup inspired Toyota Prius all the more awesome.


Nate Cook’s 1990’s Solo Cup-inspired Toyota Prius

Designed by Gina Ekiss, and officially known as “Jazz”, the pattern shown here is instantly recognizable to kids adults of a certain age. Products featuring Ekiss’s design hit the market in 1992, and they were everywhere. Entrepreneur magazine even called the design “an emblem of ’90s culture”, that had been repurposed as a pattern used on shirts, nail art, and even cars.

Cars like Nate’s, I guess!

I want to give a quick shout-out and thank-you to Nate, who responded to my “Do you want to say anything about (the car), or are you happy with ‘I don’t know Nate- but his Prius kicks ass!’?” with, “That’s fine with me.” in place of the usual 500-word screed.

Class move, man. I hope I did the car justice.


Source | Images: Nate Cook’s Instagram.

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