Enel Partners With Formula E To Reduce Series Emissions

Any business that wants to tout its green credentials wants to partner with Formula E, the international racing series for open wheel electric cars. Recently Enel Group, one of the largest suppliers of renewable energy in the world, decided to embrace that opportunity. It has now forged an alliance with Formula E designed to further reduce the carbon footprint of the series.

Formula E Starting grid

Francesco Starace, CEO and General Manager of the Enel Group, said in a statement to the press last week, “We are delighted to be partnering with the Formula E teams to lend our expertise in accelerating the digitization of their energy management infrastructure and powering them through our renewable energy generation technologies. Enel and Formula E are natural partners, as we both embrace the exciting opportunities in electric mobility, smart cities, and the clean energy revolution. We are now joining forces to continue with our pioneering work in the field of technological innovation for the vehicles of the future.”

Enel will work with the racing series to optimize its clean energy generation, distribution and management. At the same time, Enel Group gets to showcase its advanced energy solutions. The collaboration kicked off at the Berlin ePrix last weekend.

Enel is designing a fully digitized energy mini-grid for Formula E. It uses its smart metering technology to monitor power usage and give fans the chance to interact with an advanced energy system in real time. In the current season, Enel will gradually deploy its smart meters and energy management system, harvesting data on energy usage for each team and across the event at every race.

A transportable mini-grid will make sure that Formula E races put no extra strain on existing electricity grid for the cities that host races. Enel will also provide its LED lighting technology for areas around each circuit. It will also supply charging stations for fans who drive to events in electric cars.

Starting in 2017, the series will be ready to deploy a combination of solar panels and glycerine-fed generators. They will be connected to an innovative storage system. Formula E provides Enel with a ready made testing ground for its renewable generation technologies, smart grids, and e-mobility solutions.

Even though Formula E features electric race cars, it still has a significant carbon footprint, largely due to the need to transport the cars and teams from one racing venue to another. Enel will work with Formula E to progressively offset those emissions through the deployment of Enel’s renewable energy technologies.

Formula E is quickly becoming a successful international racing series. It draws an average of 33,000 fans to each race, with another 18.3 million watching on television or online. Founded as a way to showcase zero emissions racing, its partnership with Enel Group significantly advances that mission.

Steve Hanley

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