2016 WAVE Trophy Rally To Promote Zero Emissions Vehicles (w/Video)

For 8 days starting June 11, electric vehicle drivers from around the world will participate in the 2016 WAVE Trophy rally to promote an emissions free world. Last year, the event drew 577 electric cars, motorcycles and scooters. Organizers expect this year’s event to draw even more participants.

WAVE solar tuk tuk
Naveen Rabelli and his solar powered tuk tuk named Tejas

This year’s WAVE Trophy rally will begin in Bremerhaven, Germany and wend its way more than 1,000 miles. It will traverse Germany, then go through the Alsace region of France, ending at the United Nations building in Geneva, Switzerland. It will stop at 60 cities along the way to promote green mobility.

The goal of the WAVE Trophy is to support the expansion of electric mobility. To that end, every vehicle entered must be powered only by renewable energy sources. That applies to the vehicles used by the organizers and event staff as well. The rules explicitly require that not one ounce of fossil fuel can be used during the event. This year’s WAVE Trophy event has attracted interest from several major car manufacturers and three universities. There will also be a number of riders on electric bicycles this year.

The annual event was founded in 2011 by Louis Palmer, holder of the UN Environmental Program “Champion of the Earth Award” for driving two times around the world in solar powered vehicles. “After the signing of the Paris Climate Change agreement we feel it is not enough to inspire,” says Mr. Palmer. “So through the WAVE international electric vehicle trophy and schools’ initiative we are acting. We urge society and leaders to be part of the needed change – now it’s time for action, before it’s too late.”

One of the more unusual entries this year will be a solar powered tuk tuk designed and built over 4 years by Naveen Rabelli and several friends. His vehicle started life as a diesel powered three wheel Piaggio Ape. It is powered exclusively by solar panels on its roof. Naveen will drive the vehicle, nicknamed Tejas, from his native India to the start of the rally.

He expects his nearly 5,000 mile long journey will take 100 days. His route will take him through Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, before entering Germany and driving north to Bremerhaven. The purpose of his adventure is to create awareness of EVs and solar powered vehicles as a sustainable low cost alternative transport solution for tens of millions of people in Asia and beyond.

To learn more about the WAVE Trophy rally, please watch this fascinating video.


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