2017 Ford F 150 Will Introduce 10 Speed Transmission

When the 2017 Ford F 150 goes on sale, it will offer a completely revised powertrain. It will have the industry’s first 10 speed automatic transmission, which was developed jointly with General Motors. Ford was in charge of truck applications while GM took the lead in passenger car use. For automobiles, the new transmission will typically have 9 speeds, although a 10 speed version will be used the Chevrolet Camaro later this year.

Ford F 150 10 speed transmission

The F-150’s 10-speed will feature a wide range of ratios and optimized gear spacing for improved acceleration and towing. It will be the first Ford transmission made without cast-iron components. Instead it uses steel, aluminum and composite alloys that are lighter in weight.

The F 150 will also get an updated version of the EcoBoost V-6 engine that debuted in the truck in 2011. That engine has proven to be popular with buyers. 62% of F-150’s sold in April had the EcoBoost engine. Ford will sell its one millionth F-150 equipped with an EcoBoost engine by July, says Doug Scott, Ford’s truck group marketing manager.

The revised engine will feature two fuel injection systems — direct injection and port fuel injection. It also has new pistons, new turbochargers, and an electronically controlled wastegate. “We really can optimize efficiency, emissions control, cold start-ability and output, and performance of the engine with two fuel systems,” Scott said.

Ford claims the engine will have about the same 365 horsepower as the current engine but will have 30 additional pound-feet of torque, bringing total torque up to 450 pound-feet. . Scott expects a fuel economy improvement once EPA certification has been completed. An automatic stop-start system will be standard on the 2017 F-150.

“When you combine the (new engine and transmission), it creates a powertrain combination that’s truly an unbeatable combination in this segment,” said Kevin Norris, manager of the 10-speed transmission systems. “It’s not about efficiency or performance. It’s about efficiency and performance.”

Source: Detroit News  Photo credit: Ford


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