Proterra Receives 33 New Orders For Its Electric Bus

Proterra has received 33 new orders for its carbon fiber electric bus thanks to funding provided by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment Grant.

Proterra electric bus

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) will receive $2,585,075 from FTA and use the funds to purchase 25 Proterra Catalyst buses and five overhead chargers. SEPTA serves 3.9 million people in five counties in and around the city of Philadelphia. It received more of the FTA funds than any other transit authority, which is a testament to its commitment to electrification of its fleet.

King County Metro Transit, which serves the greater Seattle area, will add 8 Proterra Catalyst buses thanks to the grant program. Those extra buses will allow two of the agencies most heavily used routes to be fully electrified. It recently completed a testing program that simulated a year of operating a Proterra Catalyst bus. During the test, the Catalyst averaged 325 miles of driving each day with a constant 97 passenger equivalent load during King County’s accelerated durability and reliability test. It averaged 15 MPGe during the test, which is 213 percent more efficient than current King County Metro 40′ diesel buses. That number is expected to improve to 18 MPGe with normal passenger loads.

Recently, Foothill Transit, which serves more than 14 million customers in Los Angeles County, began using the Proterra Catalyst electric bus and building its recharging infrastructure. With funds from the FTA grant, it will now purchase another 15 buses from Proterra, including the first commercial deliveries of Proterra’s long-range XR technology vehicles. Once those buses enter service this year and next, it will raise the percentage of electric buses in the Foothill Transit system to 10%. The XR bus is fully compatible with the existing Fast Charge system already in place.

The Proterra XR completed testing last year and set a new record for an electric bus, travelling 258 miles on a single charge. The Proterra is designed with aerodynamics in mind and it built largely from carbon fiber to keep weight as low as possible.

Source: Electric Cars Report

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