Yamaha 04GEN Scooter Concept Wins the Style War

Meet the 04GEN- a new concept bike from Yamaha that sees Vespa’s bet on the 946 Emporio Armani and raises, going all-in. Yamaha is so far gone with the heady fumes of Sharpie markers that even the PR people are getting in on the wild design action when they write that the scooter, “evokes the image of women, with an air of dignified elegance and grace in mind and body.”

Yamaha debuted the 04GEN last week at the first Vietnam motorcycle show. The company- which is developing an all-electric ecosystem of bikes to take riders from the cradle to the grave, metaphorically speaking- wanted to make a splash. I think they succeeded, too- because, in my memory, there has never been a scooter as comprehensively designed as the Yamaha 04GEN.

From the headlight to the taillight, every aspect of the Yamaha 04GEN concept has been considered and rendered in loving detail. It isn’t so much the shape of the bike, however, that draws attention. It’s the shimmering, translucent skin that the bike, itself, is made of.

That “skin” gives the 04GEN something like a crystalline, insect-like quality that gives it an otherworldly vibe. It looks gorgeous. It looks like it’s from the future. It looks like I’ll buy one within hours of it being available in the US.

What about you guys? Would something like this Yamaha concept scoot get you riding on two wheels or is the whole flutter-by wing gimmick just too, well, gimmicky? Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Yamaha 04GEN Scooter Concept








Source | More Photos: Yamaha, via Auto Evolution.

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