Tesla Model 3 Parody Video Tweaks Other Car Companies

The folks at Teslarati have posted a parody video created by some avid Tesla fans. Following the stupendous reaction worldwide to the reveal of the Model 3 — more than 400,000 reservations have been recorded to date — there is a sense that the Model 3 will trounce the competition from such traditional car companies as Audi, Porsche, and Lexus.

Tesla parody video

A recent poll found that 2/3 of German drivers would consider owning a Tesla Model 3. That is a bitter pill for the indigenous German car companies. German drivers are usually fiercely loyal to the cars produced in their own country. At the Daimler annual shareholders meeting recently, anxious investors had pointed questions for senior management. They wanted to know why Mercedes has no answer for the Model 3. Good question.

Not only is the Model 3 drop dead gorgeous, it appears it will be packed with advanced technology unlike anything available from any other manufacturer at any price. It has recently hired the designer who created the holographic visual displays for the Porsche Mission E. It has also hired  the engineer who created the stunning Skully AR-1 motorcycle helmet. The Skully helmet has a head’s up display that allows the driver to access critical information hands free while riding. Put those two pieces of information together and you get a pretty good idea why the Model 3 is going to blow away everything else in its price range when it comes to technical sophistication.

This lighthearted video is not the most sophisticated offering on the internet, but it is awfully fun to watch. And who is that hiding behind a rock at the end? Why, it is none other than Faraday Future, the upstart new electric car company funded by a Chinese billionaire that says it is going to change the way we think about cars.

It may be too late for that. Tesla has already shown us the future. At the moment, it is the new sheriff in town and shows no sign of ceding that title to anyone else any time soon.

Steve Hanley

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