Video: How WEC Hybrid Racecar Technology Works

WEC Hybrid Technology Explained

The hybrid Toyota and Porsche racers that compete at LeMans as part of the FIA’s World Endurance Championship (WEC) are some of the most technologically advanced hybrids in the world. And, while their super-efficient engines are mechanical marvels, it’s that radical hybrid system that gets all the gear heads’ attentions.

The video, below, was released by the FIA. In it, you’ll see the basics of the two-part hybrid energy recovery system at play in the Porsche 919.

In the first part, the car converts kinetic energy into electrical energy using regenerative braking- converting energy that would otherwise be burned off as heat in the same way that, say, a Toyota Prius does. In the second, a turbine is spun by excess exhaust gasses which further serves to charge the batteries.

You can watch the vide for yourself, below, then watch the old Formula 1 KERS explainer from 2011 and decide which racing series did a better job of explaining the new tech.


FIA WEC Hybrid Race Car Tech Explained

Source | Images: FIA WEC, via Motorsport.

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