Child Safety Recall: Tesla Model X Rear Seat Failure

tesla model x recall

Tesla Motors- the makers of “the safest car ever tested” according to the NHTSA- have issued a voluntary recall of more than 2500 Tesla Model X crossover/SUVs over concerns that the third row seat could “flip forward” in the event of an accident.

Tesla is stating publicly that the test results represent a manufacturing defect, rather than a design defect, and that the third party vendor that supplies the seat mechanisms to Tesla Motors will be paying for the cost of the recall. But, despite the fact that there have been no injuries have been reported as a result of this issue to date, Tesla is advising parents to to avoid putting anyone in the third row seat of the Tesla Model C until repairs are made.

“We are now constructing new third row seat backs to match all affected vehicles,” reads the letter Tesla is sending to Model X owners announcing the recall. “Based on current production rates, we expect all replacements to be completed on a rolling basis over the next five weeks.”

This represents the second major recall for Tesla in less than six months, after the company recalled every Model S sedan ever made due to a safety concern involving the cars’ seat belts coming loose. The Tesla PR machine weathered that storm relatively unscathed, but will this recall be harder to brush off? Let us know what you think in the comments section at the bottom of the page (and, this being about Tesla, bring a fire suit!).


Source | Images: Tesla, via Autoguide.

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