Arcimoto SRK Is The Fun, Practical EV Everyone Can Afford

Would you be interested in a small, light, highly maneuverable EV that is a blast to drive and costs less than $12,000? Say hello to the Arcimoto SRK. It’s the latest offering from a start-up located in Eugene, Oregon. Company president Mark Frohnmayer says, “I was looking for something that could get me to work without getting wet or that I could take out for a night on the town but that wasn’t a full-size car. If you look at how people drive today, it’s one person sitting in 4,000 pounds of steel to pick up a bag of groceries. It’s totally insane.”

Arcimoto SRK

Frohnmayer knows the SRK is no Tesla. It is something else entirely. It has a top speed of 80 mph and a range of 70 miles of range. That’s almost the same as a Nissan LEAF, yet it costs 2/3 less. It is light, agile, fun to drive and can park almost anywhere a motorcycle can. It can carry two people or there is an optional Deliverator model that replaces the rear seat with an enclosed cargo compartment. Just the thing for getting necessities into the hands of customers who live in crowded urban areas.

The SRK is actually the 8th model of the Arcimoto since Frohnmayer built the first prototype back in 2007. He has made constant improvements since then and has finally reached the stage where he is ready to begin production. “The development quest has been to tick all the boxes for the type of daily driving stuff we do all the time — going to work, going to the grocery store, going out on a date, some amount of [cargo], one or two people, daily driving distance — and to do that on pure electric for a cost that is affordable for the mass market,” Frohnmayer told Digital Trends. “We’re building the SRK for drivers, for people who match the dominant vehicle usage pattern in the U.S. today.”

Arcimoto SRK“You might think of it as a sort of second vehicle, a daily-use vehicle, a get-around-town vehicle,” he said in an interview with Bloomberg. “But really, you’re going to find it’s the one you’re taking out all the time.” The SRK is available with articulated doors that resemble the falcon wing doors found on the Tesla Model X. You can even order yours with a solar panel roof to help charge the battery on sunny days.

The battery uses the same 18650 lithium ion cells employed by Tesla. A 12 kWh battery pack is standard with a 20 kWh battery optional. The larger battery gives the SRK an impressive 130 miles of range. The battery can be recharged using either Level 1 or Level 2 equipment. Frohnmayer is exploring making DC fast charging available as well. As it is, a Level 2 charger will add about 40 miles of range for every hour it is plug in.

You can reserve an Arcimoto SRK for a very modest refundable fee of $100 at the company website.


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