Victory Empulse RR Returning to Pikes Peak in 2016

Victory Empulse RR Electric Motorcycle

Polaris-owned Victory Motorcycles has announced that they’ll be fielding two entries in this year’s Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb (PPIHC). The gas-powered “Project 156” prototype that will be ridden by 2014 Pikes Peak Heavyweight Champion Jeremy Toye and- more interesting to us, at least- the Brammo Empulse RR electric prototype (above) that will be ridden by Cycle World Road Test Editor and accomplished track rider Don Canet.

The Victory Empulse RR is an evolution of the bike that’s been run so successfully in the Isle of Man’s TT Zero class under the Brammo nameplate in recent years. It’s expected, however, that Victory’s deeper pockets and access to Polaris’ R&D department have helped the bike’s performance significantly.

Victory’s team manager, Brian Wismann, seems excited about the team’s prospects at the PPIHC. “The Victory Racing team is pleased to have successfully completed our first test in our journey back to challenge Pikes Peak on its 100th anniversary … it’s really a testament to Don (Canet)’s abilities that he was able to show up at a track he’s never ridden before, throw a leg over an electric bike he’s never ridden before, and go as fast as he did out of the gate.”

Don Canet has, however, entered Pikes Peak twice before- though not on the latest “all paved” surface. “It’s been said that the third time is a charm. Having now had a leg over the Victory electric prototype racer, I’m very optimistic about our prospects.”

The 2016 running of the PPIHC will take place the last weekend in June, with a full week of testing and tuning coming beforehand that will give EV and alt-fuel enthusiasts plenty to talk about. Let us know if you plan to watch the racing in person this year in the comments section, below. We’d love to get your first-hand photos!


Source | Images: American Iron, via Motorpasión.

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