BMW 330e Configurator is Live Online

How much more does a BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid cost than a similar car with gasoline or diesel engine? The answer can be found at the BMW USA online configurator, according to BMWBlog. Prices for the 330e iPerformance start at $44,695. That’s $3,850 more than the 328d equipped with a diesel engine and $5,350 more than the entry level 328i. That said, it should be noted that the electrified version may have some equipment included as standard that is an extra cost option on the base model.


You Can Build Your BMW 330e Online

BMW 330e

The iPerformance label is applied to all BMW plug-in hybrid models to remind people that the electric portion of the drivetrain is derived from the technology the company developed for its i3 and i8 cars. The battery cooling system, inverter, and power management hardware are shared with the i models.

The 330e uses a 2 liter four cylinder gas engine that makes 180 horsepower. It is mated to a an 87 horsepower electric motor that replaces the torque converter in the transmission. It adds 74 lb-ft of torque under normal conditions but can supply up to 184 lb-ft in short bursts. Combined, the powertrain delivers 248 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. 0-60 takes 5.9 seconds.

The 330e can travel at speeds up to 75 mph solely on electric power. Its electric only range is 14 miles according to the EPA. The 7.6 kWh battery needs 2.5 hours to recharge using a 240 volt Level 2 charger. Up to 7 hours is need when using just Level 1 charger operating on 110 volts household current.  Driving in Save Battery mode uses the gasoline engine as a generator and keeps the battery charged to at least 50%.

For those interested in an electrified BMW 3 Series, now is the time to break out your calculator and compute how long it will take for your gasoline savings to equal the extra cost of the 330e. If you were planning to add some options to an entry level 3 Series anyway, you may find the price difference is less than you thought. And besides, we know you aren’t buying a BMW to save money. If that was the case,  you would be buying a Chevy Spark or Hyundai Accent instead.

US deliveries of the BMW 3303 iPerformance are scheduled to begin this summer.

Photo credit: BMWBlog

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