2018 Honda CR-V Will Have Plug-in Hybrid Option

When the next version of the Honda CR-V is introduced next year, it will be built on the same platform as the 10th generation Honda Civic that went on sale last fall. It will also offer a plug-in hybrid option according to multiple news sources, including Digital Trends and Left Lane News. The popular crossover vehicle from Honda is expected to take its styling cues from the new Civic as well.

Honda CR-V Hybrid Rendering

Honda CR-V concept

Japanese website Response reports the CR-V will be offered with an optional plug-in hybrid drivetrain consisting of a 2.0 liter four cylinder gas engine and at least two electric motors. The 2.4 liter gasoline engine found in the current AWD CR-V will continue to be offered as well as a smaller turbocharged four cylinder engine.

It is expected the new CR-V will be available with front wheel drive and four wheel drive powertrains. There are also rumors that a long wheel base version with seating for 7 passengers will be offered, although whether that configuration will be available in the American market is not known at this time. All CR=V’s will be equipped with automatic transmissions.

Since it was first introduced, the CR-V has been identified with vertical tail lights mounted high at the rear of the car. In line with its new Civic based architecture, the 2018 car will have more conventional tail lights with C shaped LED inserts. All manufacturers are focused on building as many models as possible on a single platform. That reduced development costs and maximizes flexibility at the factory to meet shifting trends in the marketplace.

Honda likes to reveal its next genearation cars as lightly disguised concepts shortly before they go into production. That way, it can benefit from any feedback it gets from the public and the press to make any changes it deems necessary before final production values are confirmed. Expect to see a CR-V concept either at the Los Angeles auto show in December of this year, or else the Detroit auto show in January of 2017.

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