Watch a Huge Truck Moving a Giant Windmill Blade


Windmills are neat. Whether you’re a fan of extreme engineering, love the clean and green energy aspect of the things, or just like dressing up in armor and charging at stuff, modern windmills have a lot to offer inquisitive minds. One thing that hardly gets mentioned, though, is exactly how these giant machines get to where they’re at.

The answer, as it so usually is, is: giant trucks.

The windmill structure shown in the video, below, measures a staggering 241 feet in length, and is supported by two semi trucks fitted with a special type of hydraulic articulating robot crane arm thing. Working together, the truck and crane arm allows the blade to be moved around corners and roundabouts that would, otherwise, be impossible to pass.

You can watch the video, below. Then, once you’re done marveling at how much work goes into establishing an effective clean energy infrastructure, let us know what you think of the video in the comments section at the bottom of the page.


Video: Huge Truck Moves 240′ Windmill Blade

Source | Images: GT Speed.

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