Formula 1 2016: Alonso to Sit Out Bahrain GP


Two-time World Drivers’ Champion Fernando Alonso suffered a horror crash at the 2016 Formula 1 season opener in Australia, and will be forced to sit out from this weekend’s Bahrain GP while he recovers from his injuries.

“Last week I was okay. On Sunday I had some knee pain but no big things,” Alonso told reporters at this morning’s Friday press conference. “I had the green light from the doctors to leave the track and it was okay … on Monday, a little of overall pain but nothing serious. I flew back, I arrived in Spain and the pain was similar or a bit worse so we did a proper check.”

“I had a small pneumothorax on the lung,” he said, explaining that there was a risk of lung collapse. “… we repeated the scan on Monday, and the pneumothorax was gone, but we had some rib fractures. It’s risky because of the unique position in the car, and the risk a fracture could move into the lung.”

So, yeah- pretty serious stuff.

The McLaren driver will be replaced this weekend by current GP2 Champion and McLaren-Honda reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne, who will be making his Formula 1 debut. There’s no official word on when Fernando Alonso will return to action, but we’ll be waiting for his safe return.


Jo Borrás

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