Vote Now: Formula E Driver Daniel Abt Will Strip, Sing on Track

Daniel Abt Formula E Driver

The all-electric Formula E racing series is all about innovation in its second season– and one driver, in particular, has come up with a rather innovative way to win the next round of the sport’s “Fan Boost” voting. That driver is Daniel Abt, and he’s promised to strip naked and sing Taylor Swift songs on track if he wins this round’s vote.


Formula E’s Fan Boost works like IndyCar’s “push to pass” feature, in that gives the Fan Boost drivers a few seconds of added power throughout a race. It’s not much, but it could mean that a daring attempt to pass made at a critical moment of the race is successful- or not! It all depends on who you’re voting for. Sure, it’s a gimmick- but it’s one that involves the fans and allows them to have a say in the racing, itself … something that Formula 1 could learn from!

You can use this link to head over to the Formula E voting page and give young Daniel a vote or two, then be sure to watch the next few rounds of the series to see if he really does take his pants off on stage. Enjoy!


Sources: Daniel Abt, Formula E.


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