Samsung Smart Windshield For Motorcycles Is Brilliant

The Samsung Smart Windshield for motorcycles connects to your smartphone and projects all your route following information onto the base of the windscreen where the driver can see it in real time without removing any hands from the bike’s controls. We all know that smartphones and driving can be a lethal combination. We see bumper stickers every day that admonish “Don’t Text And Drive!” or “Drive Now. Text Later.” No one disputes that taking our eyes off the road for any reason is dangerous. But we all do it, even though we know we shouldn’t.

Samsung Smart Windshield

Other companies, especially BMW, have experimented with heads up displays that project information onto the inside of the face shield of a motorcycle helmet. That sort of technology is great, but the problem is, it’s always there. There are plenty of times when a rider needs an unobstructed view.

That’s what make the Samsung system such a breakthrough. It projects its information into a dedicated area at the base of the bike’s windshield, leaving the rider a clear view ahead and to both sides. It will display route information and identify who is calling or texting you. You can accept or decline calls and messages without taking your hands off the handlebars.

Samsung suggests the Smart Windshield heads up display is designed mostly for young riders. In theory, less experienced riders are in the most danger from being distracted by their cell phones. But this technology can be equally helpful to older, more experienced riders as well. It’s not only young riders who need to keep both hands on the handlebars and both eyes on the road.

Seasoned riders are accustomed to taping route instructions to the top of the gas tank, making it necessary to look down momentarily to read the notes that are written there. The Samsung Smart Windshield is technology whose time has come. Let’s hope this concept goes into production soon.

Photo Credit: Samsung via YouTube


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