Tesla Updates Model 3 Reservation And Manufacturing Information

Overnight, Tesla updated its official information regarding reserving a Model 3. The ability of this company to hype new product announcements is really astonishing. Already there are reports that as many as 100,000 reservations may be placed in the first 24 hours. Rumors of large crowds camping out in front of Tesla stores are flying around the internet.

According to Teslarati, some say they will start standing in line as much as two days before the reservation process begins. A Google Doc data sheet is available that allows people to indicate what store they will go to in order to reserve their Model 3 and when. Others can sign in to add their names or get an idea which stores will have the most number of people waiting. That will allow some of those clamoring for a low reservation number to shift their focus to other less crowded stores.

Here is the new guidance from Tesla.

Model 3 order details

There are a few surprises contained in the new information. First and foremost, Tesla says it will now begin accepting reservations online beginning at 8:30 pm Pacific time, which is when the official reveal is scheduled to begin. Previously, the company had said online reservations would not commence until April 1.

The new announcement also confirms what most of us already knew. If you want to get a low reservation number for a Model 3, you will need to be a current Tesla owner and get to your nearest Tesla store before everyone else. But even that won’t be enough to guarantee that you will be driving a Model 3 before others get theirs.

The company has already said it will build the most expensive cars first. Now it says those who live closest to the factory in Fremont, California will get their cars first. Will Tesla offer delivery at the factory to those willing to fly in to get their cars earlier than others? We don’t know at this point, but if that strategy is available, you can expect quite a few people to take advantage of it.

Why all the hoopla about a car that won’t even go into production for another 18 months? Early cars will have a better chance of qualifying for the full federal tax credit of $7,500. And just like the latest iPhone or other tech gadget, some people just want to be the first to own one.

After cars for those who live near the factory are built, deliveries will expand eastward across America, then to Europe and Asia. Right hand drive models will be built last, which means cars for England and Australia may not reach new owners for several years.

If you absolutely have to improve your position in the production queue, there is still time to go out and buy a Model S or Model X. That will give you priority in the reservation queue and you will get to drive a pretty nice car while you wait for your Model 3 to be built.


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