iSun Solar Car Port Now Available In US And Canada

An American/Canadian company called renewz has announced it has a new solar car port available to for those who want to recharge electric vehicles using renewable solar power. Whether it is a 2 car station for a residence or a 12 car facility for a commercial application, the renewz iSun solar car port is designed to meet the wind and snow loads encountered in North American applications.

Renewz iSun Solar Car Port

According to our sister site, EV Obsession, the company’s chief strategy officer, Manish Hirapara, says, “I’m very excited to be helping renewz go to the next level of web and mobile engagement. Combining a personalized experience online with the same philosophy on product design will be a game-changer for the solar carport and electric vehicle technology industry.”

The iSun solar carport is the culmination of a design process that incorporated feedback from customers. “In the first stages of our development, we learned firsthand what contractors and site owners experience in the carport selection process, what they value, and the application of solar carports on various properties,” says company’s CEO Sass M Peress. “We’re ready to offer our easy-to-assemble designs, targeting qualified contractors and commercial, educational, industrial, and government site owners, across the Americas. As Quebec recently announced initiatives in support of both electric mobility and roof-top solar, we are excited to be growing our offerings of carbon-reducing energy and transport solutions.”

The company mission statement makes its business plan clear. “From innovative solar carports to leading edge electric vehicle charging platforms, we connect the dots between business, design and sustainability, by delivering clients solutions that are effective ways to become environmental stewards. We believe that sustainable solutions can enhance a client’s reputation, increase profitability, elevate employee retention and productivity, and improve the community that they live in.”

The green car revolution is making for exciting times in the automotive business. But we all know that green cars are only as green as the electricity that keeps them going. Using clean, renewable energy from the sun to power an EV, whether is a battery electric like a Tesla or Nissan LEAF, or a plug-in hybrid like the Chevy Volt, is the best way to help the world break its fossil fuel habit.

Steve Hanley

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