eMotorWerks Announces “Smart” Adapter For All Level 2 Chargers

Most home chargers are dumb. But what if you could tell your Level 2 charger when to charge and how much to charge remotely over the internet using an app on your smartphone? That would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? eMotorWerks, the people who make the popular JuiceBox home EV charger have just announced their new JuicePlug, an internet connected device that converts any Level 2 charger into a smart charger.

JuicePlug smart Level 2 chargers

Using the JuicePlug is simple. Just plug your charging cable into one end and connect the other end to your car’s charging port. Inside EVs says the JuicePlug is a small, WiFi connected adapter that can manage both the time and rate of charging using eMotorWerks’s cloud based JuiceNet platform. The JuicePlug works in conjunction with a iOS or Android mobile app to give the user full control over the device from any location.

According to Valery Miftakhov, founder of eMotorWerks, “JuicePlug is a unique solution to the ‘dumb charger’ conundrum that has faced EV drivers for years — ‘should I throw away a working EVSE to upgrade to one that has smartphone control and programmability?’ Bringing the benefits of WiFi connectivity and anytime-anywhere control, coupled with cash rewards for smart-grid charging is an unbeatable solution for our customers. JuicePlug is not only affordable, it actually pays drivers to charge.”

The company claims its wifi enabled chargers will help EV owners find electricity from renewable sources and save money by only charging when rates are lowest. It also has a rewards program that offers users cash back for using its products. Here are the specs on the new JuicePlug:

  • Voltage: 100-270 VAC
  • Power: up to 40 Amps / 10 kW
  • Full J1772 support for compatibility with all vehicles
  • Measurement precision (current, voltage, power, energy): better than 0.5%
  • Monitoring & Control latency: less than 3 seconds for full smart-grid compatibility

The JuicePlug is available now on Kickstarter for only $129. There are 27 days to go in the campaign, which has already reached 40% of its goal of $50,000. If you have an ordinary Level 2 charger already, the JuicePlug seems like a no-brainer, compared to ripping out your old charger and replacing it with a far more expensive new one.

Photo credit: eMotorWerks


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