Oakridge Battery Breakthrough Appears To Be Vaporware

A few days ago, I wrote a story based upon a press release about Oakridge Global Energy Solutions, which claims it has created a battery for a tractor trailer that can haul an 80,000 load up to 400 miles on a single charge.

Battery Powered tractor trailerSeveral readers questioned the accuracy of that report. They pointed out the trucking company involved has no website and apparently employs less than 5 people according to an internet search. I attempted to contact Oakridge using an e-mail link in the press release and by using the contact form on their website. I got no response to the first. The Contact Us link was inoperative.

I have to conclude that this new technology is vaporware. The only thing I have learned is that Oakridge has a very cool website. If I learn more about this so-called “breakthrough,” I will share it with you.

Steve Hanley

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