Cancellation Notice: Cadillac ELR is Over

cadillac elr

It’s news that we already knew here at Gas 2, but it’s become more-or-less official today: Cadillac is killing the slow-selling ELR plug-in hybrid.

Based on the first-generation Chevy Volt- which was, itself, based loosely on the compact Chevy Cruise budget-mobile- the Cadillac ELR was our generation’s Cimarron. It was an overpriced, under-powered, under-featured, poorly-conceived vehicle made for a customer that hadn’t existed since the Golden Girls was still on prime-time TV. At the same time, only a little over half of all Cadillac dealers were willing to sell the thing– and GM’s ad campaign to promote the car seemed to go out of its way to piss people off.

At the end of the day, there was nothing exciting or redeeming about the Cadillac ELR, and that’s why it failed. Knowing GM, however, they’ll probably look at the car’s failure as “evidence” that “expensive EVs don’t sell”. Look for these, and similar arguments, to be made at the next Congressional hearing GM appears at with out-stretched hands.


Sources | Images: Autoblog, Yahoo Finance.

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