Auto Transport On The Move To A Better Environment

By Angela Caito

Transportation in general is responsible for nearly 24% of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions and air pollutants. Interstate transport alone accounts for almost 75% of all carbon dioxide emissions, and that number rises as each day passes. More than 90% of all interstate transportation relies on fuel and this places stress on worldwide governments to lower the demand of oil as well as the emissions of greenhouse gases.

Since greenhouse gas emissions are a large factor of auto transport, many auto transport companies worldwide are working to reduce air pollution and work towards a better environment. A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. is one such company that has made considerable strides in going green by investing in research and development to obtain newer, fuel-efficient, open and enclosed carriers. It also works to make sure it uses innovative technology that helps reduce the release of dangerous emissions into the atmosphere, and that carriers are full when on the roadways to cut down on the emissions released during transport.    

Moving into a future that consists of a better environment for all means that companies as well as individuals must strive to increase environmentally safe, demonstrative procedures throughout — not only within the United States, but throughout the entire world. In recent years, hybrid cars have become prevalent as consumers have a desire to cut down on the harmful effects of global warming emissions and pollution that leads to health problems and worldwide environmental problems. Homeowners are using eco-friendly materials when building new homes, as that helps reduce the amount of dangerous material being dumped into landfills. Eco-friendly building materials also help keep energy costs down in a new home.

Auto transport companies are working to reduce the harmful effects that transportation can have on the environment, although they seldom get recognition for their progress. Some companies are using electricity and biodiesel as alternatives to regular fuel. This allows for better management of transport and also allows more options to customers when it comes to travel routes as well as efficient transport times.

One auto transport company going green can help conserve more than 2 million gallons of fuel annually. The outcome of this is roughly a cutback of more than 37 million pounds of harmful greenhouse gases that flow into the atmosphere of the earth. That is a huge savings from just one company. Imagine if many companies, hundreds even, were to start cutting back on emissions each year by using eco-friendly fuels and other products to help the environment.

If each state in the United States had one auto transport company that used eco-friendly products, that could potentially reduce more than 2.5 billion pounds of harmful gases and could save nearly 200 million gallons of fuel. If more than one company in each state did this, the amount of savings as well as the safe transport without the harmful effects of dangerous gases is astounding.

Some Benefits of Eco-Friendly Auto Transport

Eco-friendly transport has many great benefits that include saving money, health, environment, and other economic savings. Here are a few great reasons to use eco-friendly, or green, auto transport:

  • Saving Money — Using eco-friendly transport reduces fuel consumption and will save money for the company each year. These savings are passed down to the customer, with lower auto transport rates and more efficient service times.
  • Health — Most people know that activities such as walking, bicycling, or driving a hybrid vehicle can cut down on harmful emissions to the atmosphere. A lower level of pollution is also achieved by reducing dangerous, ozone-depleting fuels that are used for interstate transportation. When individuals and companies cut back on harmful substances and go green, health, which may be damaged from pollution, can greatly improve for people across the world.
  • Environment — Fossil fuel burning is a serious cause of pollution, and it causes greenhouse gases to rise into the atmosphere, destabilizing the global climate. Reducing these emissions can improve the environment greatly.
  • Stable Economy — Using green auto transport trucks and other eco-friendly vehicles can help to improve the overall transportation industry, leading to a stable economy as well as more employment opportunities and a much more efficient transportation system.

The majority of auto transport companies offer convenient door-to-door transport services. This has long been the norm, as it means that consumers can stay at their home or office address and meet the transport driver without having to leave the comfort of a familiar location. While this is convenient, it is not exactly eco-friendly.

Shipping cars with terminal-to-terminal transport is actually less expensive than door-to-door transport, and since most shipping terminals are located on or within a few miles of the original shipping route, terminal-to-terminal shipping is considered much more environmentally friendly than door to door.

Why Not Just Drive On Your Own?

Many people consider driving because they want to save money when they move, are planning an extended vacation, or need to have a car delivered to a new state for work, school, or other reasons. What they fail to consider is that driving adds more pollutants to the environment than auto transport. If no auto transporter chose to go green, the fact that each truck on the interstate can still haul 10–12 cars at once helps drastically cut down the amount of harmful emissions that would rise if every car being transport was driven instead of transported.

The Department of Energy reports the following about automobiles:

  • Each gallon of gasoline in a car will produce approximately 20 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • Each gallon of diesel fuel will produce approximately 23 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  • A car will, on average, be able to travel around 18 miles per gallon of gasoline.
  • A large transport truck will travel around 5 miles per gallon of diesel fuel.

It may seem from these statistics that driving will cause fewer carbon dioxide emissions, but keep in mind that a great majority of auto transporters haul more than 100,000 motor vehicles every year. Auto transport saves more than 3 million gallons of fuel every year and helps prevent more than 40,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gases from circulating into the atmosphere.

There are so many ways that auto transport companies can help the environment and keep the air that we breathe fresher and healthier for the world. It takes careful planning, lots of care and consideration for the environment, and a great effort to make a change. Companies like A-1 Auto Transport, Inc., work hard to change the way the auto industry works.

A-1 Auto

A-1 Auto Transport, Inc. is fully dedicated to maintaining resources that will be eco-friendly as well as offer consumers a rate that is highly competitive to go along with outstanding customer service and exemplary auto transport services. They work hard to reduce the dangerous amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are released into the atmosphere and pollute the environment.

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