F1 Teams Vote to Keep V6 Turbos Through 2020

After more than a year of seemingly endless complaining, threatened lawsuits, and a push from on high to bring new, less-expensive engines into the sport, Formula 1 seems set to stick with the current turbocharged V6 engine formula until at least 2020.


Honda F1 Power Unit

Honda F1 V6 engine

The main goal of the newest agreement- set to come into effect for 2018, once the regulations have been finalized by the teams and the FIA’s World Motor Sport Council- is to reduce a team’s engine cost to something south of 12 million Euro. Additionally, there is expected to be language in place to help guarantee that the sport’s independent teams (Williams, Force India, Red Bull, etc.) won’t be left without engines- which is very nearly what happened to Red Bull earlier this year!

Although no official statement about the F1 engines deal has been made following this week’s 2-day get-together of the Strategy Group and F1 Commission in Geneva, the sources suggesting that the above progress to help ease the cost burden for smaller outfits has been made seem credible.

What do you guys think? Will the quieter, turbo-ier V6 era’s continuance ultimately be a good thing for F1? Will keeping the V6 turbos mean a push towards refueling and other rules changes is more likely, now? Let us know what you think about this latest revelation of F1’s sporting future in the comments section, below.


Source | Images: Motorsport.

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