Back to Basics With the Honda S660 Neo Classic Concept

Honda S660 Neo Classic Concept

We’re big fans of Japan’s diminutive Kei-car segment, and even bigger fans of Honda’s latest mid-engined S660 Beat and newer, “retro” Kei-cars, in particular. Earlier this week, Honda gave us something really special: a new S660-based coupe concept that marries modern Kei-car tech with the old-school style of the “classic” Honda roadster.

The car is being called the Honda S660 Neo Classic, and it’s currently on prominent display at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon.

While there’s no word on the concept’s production chances quite yet, the S660 Neo Classic is powered by Honda’s familiar, 64 HP, 660cc turbocharged Kei-car engine. Assuming the rest of the drivetrain is similarly production-ready, one might think that a warm reception (and a few F1 victories) would be all that’s needed for Honda to give the little car a green-light.

You can check out a quick walk-around video of Honda’s latest concept, below, along with comments from Honda Roots– a Facebook fan page dedicated to the big red H brand. Enjoy!


Honda S660 Neo Classic Walkaround

    Introduced yesterday during the 2016 Tokyo Auto Salon, the revealed design ‘S660 Neo Classic’ punches all the right moves for a concept car that breathes life into the current K-car market. Hondas press release during the reveal gave small details about the design choice, quoting it to be a style of classic beauty, but ready to play with the current generation! We totally dig it’s familiarity in curves, thoughts?

Source | Images: Motorionline, via HondaPro Jason.

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