Formula E Tech Could Mean 1000 HP F1 Cars

While the final shape that the next generation of Formula 1 engines remains to be seen, it seems like the hybrid component of the cars is here to stay. That could be a good thing for the fans as well as the activists- because some of the electric technology being developed in Formula E could help push F1 cars to 1000 HP and beyond!


Formula E is a Proving Ground


Magneti Marelli motorsport director Roberto Dalla is one of the people making these claims- and he would know. His company has experience at virtually every level of motorsport, and has plans to build motors for at least two Formula E teams next year. “The challenge (Magneti Marelli) are taking on-board with Formula E is to develop a high-tech race solution of a 300kw electric motor,” Dalla said in an interview with Autosport in the UK. “In the future, Formula 1 could have the need to have a bigger motor, a bigger ERS, not only 120kw as today but eventually 300kw if you want to have 1000 horsepower engines.”

And who doesn’t want 1000 horsepower engines, amirite?

That said, the engine side of the Formula 1 equation is still very much in the “being solved” stage, with manufacturers working on proposals to cover off engine concerns that are to be submitted to the FIA by today (Friday, January 15) for the 2016 and 2017 seasons. Dalla’s super-hybrids? They’ll be much pricer than, say, a Chevrolet-branded IndyCar engine tweaked to keep up with the hybrids.

What do you guys think? Should F1 continue down the path towards electrification, or should the series take a step back to Formula E when it comes to battery power? Let us know what you think in the comments section, below. Maybe wear your flame suits if you want to talk about F1 ditching the batteries, too. 😉


Source | Images: Autosport.

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