Formula 1 2016: Details of New Ferrari Emerge

The 2015 season of Formula 1 was yet another display of Mercedes-Benz’ dominance of the sport. It was a newly invigorated Ferrari team, however- with 4-times World Drivers’ Champion Sebastian Vettel behind the wheel– that gained the most attention, taking the fight to the German squad in a way that no other teams could match.

Ferrari is expected to make a big leap forward in 2016, and the Tifosi are hoping that this will be the Scuderia’s year, with Vettel bringing home his fifth WDC. With so much excitement surrounding Ferrari’s 2016 season, then, it’s no surprise that details about the Italian team’s 2016 challenger are starting to emerge … like this tweet, below:


If accurate, it seems like Ferrari has abandoned the split turbocharger system- which had been used as a generator to power the hybrid’s electric motors, like in the Porsche 919– in favor of a more conventional layout that puts the turbine and compressor housings right up against the cartridge. The intercooler, too, has been moved from in between the engine’s “V” to a position further ahead of the drivetrain, along with some of the hybrid system’s components in a manner similar to the much-criticized turbo-era Renault power units.

Moving so many parts forward might indicate a desire to move the car’s mass forward, putting more traction on the the front tires and changing, somewhat, the balance of the car while, at the same time, allowing more air to reach the downforce-generating rear diffuser. It should work, but the real question is: will it be enough to catch Mercedes?

We’ll know soon enough. The first race of the 2016 season of Formula 1 is just a few short weeks away- and the bulls*** stops when the green flag drops.


Source | Images: Pius Gasso.

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