Ford Cooks Up A 325 Horsepower Fusion V-6 Sport

While most eyes were on electrified cars with dazzling technology at the Detroit Auto Show this week, Ford took the occasion to unveil its new Fusion V-6 Sport, The car is infused with 325 twin turbocharged ponies driving all four wheels through a specially tuned 6 speed automatic transmission. The engine spits out a total of 350 lb-ft of torque, assuring the car will have blistering performance.

Ford Fusion V-6 Sport

The Fusion is a recent addition to the Ford lineup. “The Fusion nameplate is only 10 years old, but it’s done a lot for Ford Motor Company,” says Wade Jackson, Fusion marketing manager. “We’re continuing to challenge Camry and Accord.” Those two cars dominate the discussion about the Fusion V-6 Sport. Jackson is quick to point out that his car has more grunt than either the Camry or the Accord. It even has 5 more ponies that the BMW 340i, Jackon tells AutoBlog,

Adding to the list of goodies on the V-6 Sport is a computer controlled active damping system that adjusts to road conditions and driver demands several times a second. Starting price for this model is $34,350. That includes a special blacked out mesh grille, 19″ wheels, a rear spoiler and dual exhaust pipes with twin tips. The base Fusion sedan retails for $22,995.

Adding to the goodness available on the new Fusion is automatic parallel and perpendicular parking, Ford’s Sync 3 technology, an improved interactive cruise control, and a pedestrian detection system.

Ford says it has updated the software and motors on its Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid cars to make them even more efficient, although no updated mileage numbers were provided at the show. The Fusion Energi has a 7.6 kWh battery for 19 miles of range using electric power only.

Sales of the Fusion Hybrid and Fusion Energi were down slightly in 2015, due in no small part to historically low gasoline prices. Ford has sold nearly 60,000 plug-in hybrid cars since 2012.

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