Volkswagen Tiguan GTE Active Concept Revealed At NAIAS

If you are in the market for a rugged, off road ride that looks the part, your first stop is usually at your local Jeep dealer. But Volkswagen will soon be offering an alternative as part of its campaign to bring a boatload of new electrified SUV models to American shores. Feast your eyes on the Tiguan GTE Active concept that went on display at the North American International Auto Show today. Is that muscular enough for you?

Tiguan GTE Active oncept

According to Electric Cars Report, the Tiguan GTE Active has a turbocharged, 148 horsepower, direct gas injection engine up front mated to a 6 speed DSG transmission. A 54 horsepower electric motor is integrated with the transmission and helps power the front wheels. A 114 horsepower electric motor is installed at the rear. The car is capable of rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, or all wheel drive operation, with the rear wheels driven by the electric motor the default option. The driver can manually select the drive mode desired or the car will choose the best combination of gasoline and electric power based upon road conditions and input from the driver.

The Tiguan GTE Active has a range of 20 miles at speeds up to 70 mph. With its 12.4 kWh battery and a 17 gallon fuel tank, it has a total range of 580 miles. The battery can recharged by plugging it into a charger or by the gasoline engine. The car offers many of the semi-autonomous safety features drivers today demand such as autonomous braking, lane keeping and automatic pedestrian protection. The Tiguan GTE will arrive in the US with a longer wheelbase and available 7 passenger seating.

Volkswagen will equip the Tiguan GTE with its latest infotainment system which features a 9.2 inch touchscreen that responds to hand gestures. It also has a head’s up display in front of the driver and a full set of digital instruments. It supports either Apple CarPlay or Android based functions.



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