Say Hello To Avista, The Sexiest Buick In 50 Years!

Hands down, the concept car that has prompted the most buzz at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit this year is this luscious Buick Avista concept coupe. Built on the same chassis as the Chevrolet Camaro, the bulked up, buttoned down show car is drop dead gorgeous from any angle.

Buick Avista Concept

As reported by The Verge, the Avista is a 2+2 coupe. That’s a polite way of saying there’s no way real people can fit in the back seat, so just forget about it. Like the Camaro, it’s a front engine, rear wheel drive car designed to transport two people in style. The twin turbo V-6 up front kicks out 400 horsepower, which should be enough to move the car forward with authority.

The Avista features some design elements reminiscent of the Bentley Continental GT with its wide hips and waterfall grille. Its styling also has echoes of the original boat tailed Buick Riviera that rocked the automotive world in 1963. That car has become a highly coveted classic and there’s every reason to believe the Avista would also become a timeless collector’s item as well.

Buick Avista Concept

The Avista doesn’t rely on trick doors, 24″ wheels, or shape shifting design. It doesn’t even have a Ridiculous Mode that can demolish the sound barrier. What is does have is styling that is so perfectly honed, so lovingly rendered, any car enthusiast will be mesmerized by it. The Avista is the most exciting concept from the Buick since Harley Earl’s legendary Y Job in 1938, which was the very first concept car every produced in America. I haven’t felt the urge to own a Buick since the Kennedy Administration, but I could get pretty excited about having one of these in my driveway.

There are no plans to put the Avista into production. Concept cars, by definition, are designed to get feedback so companies can decide whether a business case can be made for building them. If that’s the objective here, I have something to say to the bean counters at Buick: Build it and they will come!

Photo credits: Buick Y Job – Hemmings; Buick Riviera – Old Car Brochures

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