What A Gas Powered Car Feels Like To An EV Driver (w/Video)

Imagine your grandchildren have never driven anything but an electric car. One day, they decide to go shopping for a car and visit a dealer who specializes in old fashioned gas powered automobiles. What would they think? This video from Swedish advocacy group Power Circle (with English sub-titles, fortunately) parodies what that experience might be like.

Noise, fumes, starter motors, clutch pedals, gears — all of them unknown to those who have never driven anything but an electric car. I can hear my father sitting next to me when I was first learning to drive: “Don’t grind the gears! Let the clutch out slowly. I said SLOWLY!!! Shift up. Shift down. Give it some gas!”

Speaking of gas, what will these folks from the future think when they pull into a gas station for the first time and get a whiff of the stuff that powers that internal combustion engine under the hood. Eww!!

Back at the dealership, they learn about things like mechanical repairs — something they are largely unfamiliar with. Asked to choose between an old fashioned gas powered car and a modern electric one, the choice, as they say, is a no brainer.

There are now 14,344 rechargeable cars in Sweden, an 80% increase from last year according to the Power Circle website. Number one is the plug-in Mitsubishi Outlander with 4,206 units sold. Power Circle is promoting the installation of DC fast chargers in Swedish cities and general awareness of the advantages of electric cars both for individual users and society in general.

Although the video produced by Power Circle is a spoof, it’s easy to imagine a scene like this playing out in 20 years or so, as the world transitions away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy to power its transportation needs. For many of us, that day cannot get here too soon. Enjoy this bit of whimsy.


Steve Hanley

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