Will Chevrolet Ever Build an Electric Corvette?

Chevrolet Corvette

Professional spy photographer Chris Doane noticed something interesting the other day. Namely, that Chevrolet has recently trademarked the names “Corvette E-Ray” and “E-Ray.” The filings apply specifically for “Motor land vehicles, namely, automobiles,” according to Hybrid Cars.

Okay, car companies trademark names all the time- and that doesn’t mean they intend to use them. After all, Ford owns the rights to Model E — much to Elon Musk’s chagrin — even though there is no Model E anywhere in its lineup and no suggestion one is planned. So, maybe Chevrolet is merely covering all the bases here, making sure it is protected in case it decides to build an electric Corvette in 20 years or so. Still, rumors of a hybrid Corvette from GM have been circling for years, with our own Zachary Shahan claiming that a 100%, all-electric Corvette is “almost here” earlier this year.

Or maybe there’s more to it. Hybrid Cars notes that the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show is just a few weeks away. Since GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, is is scheduled to make the keynote speech, they think that implies she’s planning to make a major announcement at the show. Here at Gas 2, we don’t think that’s gonna happen, since it’s unlikely that GM/Chevy would want to take away attention from the launch of its much more important “mainstream” Bolt EV.

If an electrified production Corvette does happen, it’ll meet some heavy market competition from Porsche, which recently announced it will build a fast, nimble, and all-electric four-door sports car called the Mission E. Could Chevrolet expand its Corvette brand to include an electric sports car to compete with Porsche? It sure can- and the people who have a problem with it will have Elon Musk to blame.

Why? Because Musk showed the automotive world that electric cars can take on some of the best gas-powered cars and give them a good run for their money them at the drag strip. Before that, “the average guy” thought electric motors were only good for golf courses and pottering around the grounds at the local retirement community!

As for whether any future e-Vette will it be a hybrid, a PHEV, or a pure electric, no one knows and Chevrolet isn’t saying … but that’s never stopped people from speculating! Let us know what you think the future has in store for the Corvette in the comments, below.


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