Speed Dating: 2015 Toyota Prius C


It’s been an embarrassment of riches as far as Toyota Priuses (Prii?) are concerned in recent months. Over the last few weeks, we’ve sampled the last of the third-generation Priuses, the more practical Prius V wagon, and now, the smallest of the bunch: the IIHS “Top Safety Pick Plus” rated 2015 Toyota Prius C.

So, are we falling more in love with Toyota’s hybrid offerings with each helping, or are we too burned out on the Prius line to care about what makes the C special? Find out, below.


It’s the Best One


The 2015 Toyota Prius C I tested recently was easily the most fun Prius I’ve driven yet. It felt quicker and livelier than its bigger brothers- yet, somehow, didn’t seem to make you sacrifice any interior room or comfort compared to the “regular” Prius. Obviously it doesn’t have the dog-hauling wagon-back of the Prius V, but its hatch swallowed all the baby strollers, diaper bags, and random Target bags that the family and I threw at it over the course of its 8-day visit. Good as it was, though, it was something on the inside of the Prius C that really set it apart.

If you’re looking up at the picture, above, you’ll see the best part of the Prius C. It’s that weird “cargo trough” in front of the driver and just to the left of the main instrument display.

It’s just a little cargo cubby, sure, but it fit my Otterbox-equipped iPhone 6 Plus perfectly, allowing me to use the excellent Google Maps feature on my phone without bothering with the Prius’ own, less intuitive system. Maybe.

I say “maybe” because I didn’t really bother to check if my 2015 Toyota Prius C tester even had a GPS system. I think it did, just like I’m pretty sure it had the satellite radio feature activated (again, see photos), but I just used my phone (using voice commands, of course) to access Pandora, podcasts, GPS, and even traffic reports … which is all I ever needed to be able to do in the first place!


2015 Toyota Prius C | Final Thoughts

As enamored as I was by the fact that the littlest Prius had an excellent phone “dock” that made its OEM infotainment system pretty much entirely obsolete, that won’t be why people by the Prius C.

People will- and do!- buy the 2015 Toyota Prius C because it’s nimble, reasonably spry, practical enough, gets great MPG, and is available bright, fun colors that make saving the world seem fun. That what a Prius is all about, after all: saving the world, and making sure everyone around you knows you’re saving the world. To that end, the Prius C didn’t quite achieve its 53/46 MPG goals either by my numbers (which put it just over 40 MPG, on average) or according to Toyota’s onboard MPG calculator, which has taken some heat from Gas 2 commenters in the past for being “optimistic”.

All in all, though, the 2015 Toyota Prius C impressed everyone who rode in it- even if they did all think it was a Scion or a Mazda, at first. And that, right there, is sort of the problem with the Prius C. It’s just not Prius-y enough. If you can get over that, though, you should definitely give it a shop before spending your money elsewhere. You might be glad you did.


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