New Tesla Model X Videos and Images (Lots of ‘Em!)

With Tesla Model Xs reportedly in full production, and Signature Series Model Xs now being delivered, and even Tesla Model Xs reportedly arriving at showrooms soon, it won’t be long till Xs are everywhere (or at least seem like it), so I think this will be my last roundup article of Tesla Model Xs spotted around the US.

These pictures really look beautiful, IMHO, but it seems like everyone who has seen a Model X (and a Model S, for that matter) in person thinks they look better in the flesh sheetmetal than in pictures and videos. As such, I’m definitely eager to get my eyes on a living, breathing Model X. Until I get that chance, though, I’ll have to enjoy these …

Tesla Model X Vin 31 1
This one is apparently Founders Series X #31. I think the shots of this one, with the beautiful reflection of the tree on the wonderful metallic silver paint, are my favorite. The photographer was “elatable” of the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum. (Same for the next two pics.)

Tesla Model X Vin 31 2

Tesla Model X Vin 31 3

Tesla Model Xs and Ss 1
Many Tesla Model Xs next to Model Ss near the factory. Photos by “bwa” on the TMC forum. (Same for the next three pics.)

Tesla Model Xs and Ss 2

Tesla Model Xs and Ss 3

Tesla Model Xs and Ss 4

Tesla Model X x 4
From instagram, via TMC forum. Photographer unknown.
Kimbal Musk Model X
Kimbal Musk, Elon Musk’s brother and an investor in most if not all of his companies, standing next to his white Founders Series Model X. Photographer unknown. Photo shared by “stevezzzz” on the TMC forum.
Tesla Model X Founders 36 1
Tesla Model X Founders Series #36. Photographed by “trils0n” of the TMC forum. (Same for the two pics below.)

Tesla Model X Founders 36 2 Tesla Model X Founders 36 3

Silver Model X
Photographer unknown.

There are also several pictures and videos of Mark Templeton’s Founders Series Tesla Model X here and other Model Xs on the Tesla Psychosis Facebook page.

But here’s the best one yet, I think … the kid walking on the sidewalk in the following video noticed that this is the new Tesla Model X, and his reaction is awesome!


Tesla Model X Sighting/Reaction Video

Source | Images: Tesla, ” target=”_blank”>Will TD; originally published by EV Obsession.

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