Acura NSX Priced At $156,000…..And UP!

Acura NSX

You can start configuring your new Acura NSX online on February 25. For the first time, each NSX will be custom built to order. Choose from eight exterior colors, four interior colors, and three different seating surfaces. Then select one of three wheels and numerous optional carbon fiber bits. Click your mouse when you are done and the price you see will be at least $156,000, according to Car Buzz. Go whole hog in the options section and your shiny new Acura NSX will arrive at your local dealer with a price tag of $205,700. Yikes!

The heart of the NSX is a twin turbocharged V-6 engine driving through a 9 speed dual clutch transmission. Between the gearbox and the rear wheels is an electric motor. Up front, a twin motor electric drive unit gives the car true all wheel drive capability. With the benefit of electric power, Acura calls it a “zero delay” car, one which leaps forward as soon as you toe the throttle. No waiting for revs to rise or turbos to spool up.

The same can be said for the handling. Acura cliams the car turns and stops as if it were hard wired directly to your synapses. That’s pretty heady stuff. But what of its competition? For the same money, a well heeled shopper could choose an Audi R8 Plus with its awesome V-10 engine or a Ferrari 488 GTB. Both offer similar performance wrapped in different packages.

The strength of the NSX is said to be that it is user friendly, meaning it is docile enough to dash to the market for a dollop of brie and then taking a hot lap around your favorite race track on the way home. It can even take the kids to school, if you don’t mind making a separate trip for each child.

The NSX has been a long time coming and the automotive world has evolved since Acura first started designing the car. There were plenty of teething problems along the way, including a spectacular fire while testing at Germany’s famous Nurburgring. Now that it is here, will it stand out from other supercars enough to be successful in the marketplace?

Car magazines and testing sites concentrate almost exclusively on acceleration as expressed in 0 – 60 times or top speed figures, both of which are largely irrelevant in most driving situations. The reason people pay stupid money for one of these machines is as much visceral as it is clinical. The shriek of a highly tuned and very expensive engine is what they crave. If it was my money, I would opt for the other worldly howl of that fabulous Audi V-10 and die a happy man. Sorry, Acura. I won’t be jumping on your NSX configurator any time soon.

Acura NSX

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