Tesla Model S P90D vs. Heffner Ford GT (w/ Video)

We’ve seen the super-fast Tesla Model S P90D take on a number of other fast cars in the past, but- somehow- the act never gets old. Here we see the Ludicrous speed Tesla line up alongside Ford’s premier supercar, the LeMans-inspired Ford GT.

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill Ford GT that the Tesla is taking on, however. This one’s been tuned by legendary Ford tuner Jason Heffner to put out more than 700 HP. With an all-time quickest run of 10.6 @ 133 MPH at Palm Beach International Raceway’s 1/4 mile drag strip, the Ford GT seems (on paper) to stack up pretty well against the 10.9 second Tesla.

That paper stuff, though- boy, that’s a tricky thing! Out on real-world streets (presumably out in Mexico, somewhere), the powerful, lightweight Ford GT has a bit of trouble putting its prodigious power to the ground. The all-wheel drive Tesla, however?

Watch the video for yourselves, then let us know what you think of the Tesla’s “ludicrous” performance in the comments section at the bottom of the page. And, Ford guys, you’ll want to wear your flame suits for this one- trust me!


Source | Images: Dragtimes.

Jo Borrás

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