Norway Picks Up 240 More Electric Mail Trucks


Last week, the Norwegian postal service “Posten Norway” picked up 240 all-electric Renault Kangoo delivery vehicles. That purchase brings the total number of electric vehicles in Posten’s fleet to more than nine-hundred!

The Renault Kangoo EV purchases are part of Posten Norway’s commitment to slash the company’s carbon emissions by as much as 40% by 2020. To that end, the EVs will be put to use primarily in urban areas, where the proximity of alternatives- like known-polluting diesels from VW and, yes, even Renault– is most harmful to humans.

As for the rest of Norway, Renault-Nissan plan to sell some 200,000 electric vehicles in the EV-friendly nation next year, on their way to the 1.5 million EVs promised to be on European roads by 2020 by CEO Carlos Ghosn back in 2013.

Do you think Renault-Nissan will hit that goal? It seemed crazy just a few short years ago, but now it seems kind of doable to me. Let us know what you think of Posten’s recent purchase and Europe’s ambitious EV target in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Posten Norway Shows Off its EV Fleet

renault kangoo ev

Source | Images: Posten Norway, via Motorpasion.

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