Hurry! The Climate XChange Tesla Raffle Ends Soon!

Tesla raffle

The biggest challenge facing civilization at the moment is climate change. Sure, there are lots of global problems that need solving, but none is as urgent as finding a solution to the changing weather patterns that are affecting huge swaths of the Earth. Some people say the Syrian refugee crisis can be partly attributed to diminished crop yields caused by lower then normal rainfall in the area. The US military recognizes that fighting over diminishing natural resources may be the primary cause of armed conflict in the future. Add in dozens of world cities sinking slowly beneath rising oceans and you have a potential global calamity of stupendous proportions.

The solution is really quite simple. Stop burning fossil fuels! Stop using them to generate electricity, power our cars, heat and cool our homes, and operate our fleets of ships and airplanes. Immediately. Elon Musk says, “I think people should be a lot more worried than they are,” he says while explaining that the damage from high carbon dioxide levels won’t be felt be until at least 2035. “Life will continue, but it will be a train wreck in slow motion. Millions of people will die; there will be trillions of dollars in damage—that sort of thing.”

What can one person do? One idea is to reach into your wallet and buy a raffle ticket for the Climate XChange raffle. Not only do you stand a chance of winning a very cool car with zero emissions, you will be helping Climate XChange continue their 3 year long campaign to make Massachusetts the first state to enact a carbon pricing plan. Carbon pricing is nothing more than forcing fossil fuel companies to shoulder all the costs of using their products. Those include the massive cost of health care required because of atmospheric, water and ground pollution that results when fossil fuels are extracted, transported, and burned. It also means stopping the trillions of dollars in government subsidies paid to fossil fuel companies around the world.

Most raffles have a kicker, though. Once you win, you have to pay income tax on your winnings. This raffle is unique. It not only gives you enough money to configure a Tesla Model S or Model X just the way you like, it also gives you enough extra money to pay the federal taxes plus state sales tax and registration fees on the car. On top of that, it includes a home charger and enough money to pay an electrician to hook it up. It’s the perfect, no hassle raffle. Buy a ticket, win, build your car, and enjoy it. Things don’t get any simpler than that.

The winning ticket will be drawn at midnight on December 31, 2015. Hurry. Get yours today. Don’t let this exciting opportunity to benefit yourself and the world you live in by parking an exciting new Tesla automobile in your driveway pass you by.

Full disclosure: This article has been kindly sponsored by Climate XChange. Also, Climate XChange has no affiliation with or sponsorship by Tesla Motors Company.

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