BMW i3 Getting 130 Mile EV-only Range for 2017

BMW i3 Gets 130 mile EV Range for 2016

Despite being a relatively rare and new sight on the road for most Americans, BMW’s i3 has been around since 2013- which means it’s time for an update, according to BMW’s product cycle. Unlike most models that get snazzier headlights and re-shaped passenger mirrors, however, the 2017 BMW i3 is getting something really useful: a 130 mile all-electric range.

While the news was confirmed by a BMW spokesperson, the full details still aren’t available. Exactly how BMW managed to increase the i3’s range by some 30% will be revealed “by the end of the year”, but it’s believed that the update will steal some thunder from the next-generation Nissan Leaf when that car launches.

Even without knowing all the hows and whys involved, you can bet that the bump in range will make the i3 even more appealing than it today … and it’s already one of BMW’s hottest selling cars, even without the extra battery power!


Source | Images: BMW, via AutoExpress UK.

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