Tesla Motors Aims to Open New Factory in Germany


Elon Musk’s vision of global dominance for his Tesla Motors brand continues to take shape. Hot on the heels of news that Musk plans to build the upcoming Model 3 “entry level” Tesla in China in order to avoid trade tariffs in that country comes news that Musk is in “advanced” talks with the German government to open a new battery factory to avoid similar taxes and tariffs in Europe.

This might be news to even the most watchful Tesla fan- especially since Tesla Motors in Germany flat-out denies such talks. “(Tesla has) no current plans” to build a battery factory in Germany, Tesla’s Munich-based spokeswoman Kathrin Schira said.

Despite the denial from Schira, Germany’s Economy Minister Sigmar Gabriel said “we are in talks,” with the Tesla Motors CEO about a possible plant, Gabriel said, adding, “I assume he (Musk) will want public funds.”

So, gang- who do you believe? I, for one, would put my money on the new European battery plant being a response to a scaling back of electric vehicle incentives in other EU nations and a bid to keep Model S (and Model X) prices reasonably in line with cars like the Mercedes S class hybrids and PHEVs. That’s just me, though- what do you think? Let us know. Comments. Etc.


Sources | Images: Automotive News, via Motorpasion.

Jo Borrás

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