EICMA 2015: BMW Joins the Beginner Bike Club

The beginner bike segment is hot right now, with new and updated bikes from Kawasaki, Yamaha, and even (arguably) Harley Davidson being announced every few months, it seems. With so much attention put on these bikes, it was only a matter of time before BMW Motorrad threw its hat in the ring- and they threw in a seriously high-spec hat. Meet the BMW G 310 R.

Powered by a 313cc liquid-cooled single, BMW says the G 310 R generates 34 HP at 9500 rpm. Considering the bike has a dry weight that’s just under 350 pounds, that’s more than enough power to deliver big thrills to beginning riders.

Despite being the smallest BMW in more than half a century, the all-new BMW G 310 R was designed from the outset as a premium product. That becomes evident when you scan the spec sheet, as the little G comes with ABS standard and an inverted fork front suspension. The styling, too, features a very intentional family resemblance to the bigger and more expensive BMW Motorrad models.

At the moment, it’s still unclear whether or not BMW will bring the G 310 R to the US. If the success of the Japanese manufacturers in this segment is any indication, however, you can expect to read about this being the next big (non-electric) thing for American BMW dealers in the coming months. Until then, enjoy the BMW-provided video, above, courtesy of Revzilla, who have even more photos and specs over at the Revzilla website.


2017 BMW G 310 R Beginner Bike

BMW showed both blue and white versions of the G 310 R.

Source | Images: BMW Motorrad, via RevZilla.

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